Our Approach

Our company is headed by a proven successful leader in higher education administration. He is assisted by associates with supportive expertise. This dynamic team assesses every executive position for which Turner Executive Search is employed as a search consultant and determines the best strategies and candidates to recommend to its clients.

We understand the multifarious demands of higher education, the everchanging demands of institutional environments and the resultant need for administrative leadership that is able to fulfill them competently, even exemplarily, within the scope of current and foreseeable needs.

Our established networks provide leads to a continuous flow of professionals seeking opportunities to provide more global, challenging and rewarding leadership. We are able to identify experienced chancellors, presidents, vice presidents, provosts, and deans, as well as other persons who have exhibited outstanding potentiality for successful service in these leading executive positions.

We know the academic search process thoroughly and we understand the challenges and imperatives college executives face every day. We are committed to providing reliable guidance and advice to boards of trustees, CEOs, search committees, and committee chairpersons, within institutional policies and procedures, to move smoothly and effectively through a meaningful experience of benchmarking executive positions, screening and selecting applicants and candidates and helping to find just the right person for each executive vacancy for which we are engaged as search consultants.

We seek to establish long-term relationships with our clients and we are available to monitor each appointment and help determine strategies to help ensure success of the appointee during his/her critical first year and beyond.